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Whitewater Rafting Kamikazies goes international!
Inside Rafting

Just because I've been in Italy, doesn't mean that I didn't get the pangs to go rafting.  The last time I had been was the Merced in 2001.  When I heard about a group of people going rafting in the Italian Alps,  I decided that the WWRK needed to go International! 

I introduced the people to the concept of "The Last Supper" or l'ultima cena as it's called in Italy.  We were up late drinking cognac and smoking Cuban cigars, so I wasn't feeling that great on the river.   But the hangover passed, and towards the end of the trip, I was having a great time.  The water was a bit low in places, but there were still some incredible rapids, one of which was caught in pictures.

Nice view of the Valsesia

Fast moving river!

Narrow and fast channel

Low spot. There are no dams upstream, so the flow is dependant on rainwater and snowmelt.

Nice view down the valley

Nice color of water

The new WWRK members

Big wave!

Look at what's coming

I didn't fall out!