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This is the homepage of the Whitewater Rafting Kamizakies!  A dangerous group of river rats that has been known to terrorize Camp Rangers at all hours of the night.
Inside Rafting

Our motto:

Class 5+ on the river, completely classless off...

Thanks for the logo, Brenda!

We haven't been too active the last few years.  But never fear, the Kamikazes will once again terrorize a river near you!

I've inducted some Italians into the WWRK!  We did a one day trip on the Valsesia river in the Italian Alps in 2003.  It was a blast!  Click here for pics.

We survived the mighty Merced.  The dates we went were May 12th and 13th, 2001.  Click here for pictures!

The year before, in 2000, we rafted the North Fork Stanislaus.  That was a great river.  Very technical, but also very fast!  Click here for the pics.

Click here for info on the preferred rafting company of the WWRK - All Outdoors

Here is the river we did in '00 - North Fork Stanislaus

Here is the river we did in '99 - Kaweah

Here is the river we did in '98 - Tuolumne

Soon there will be a link for pictures and stories of trips past.   Keep checking back as we add to the site!