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  Non stop rain sure has a way of making a camping trip not much fun.

Recap of the 2006 trip

Recap of the 2006

Well, if you are looking to end a drought, just tell us, and we will schedule a camping trip there.  We were forced to relocate our camping spot to Lake Isabel, CO, due to the Carson National Forest closing for fire restrictions.  San Isabel National Forest was very dry as well, as they were under Stage II fire restrictions, which means to open fires of any kind, except for propane stoves.  Soon after we arrived, the rains started.  With the exception of a couple of mornings, it rained almost continuously while we were there.  Because of the fire restrictions, we weren't allowed to build a campfire to warm up or dry things off.  So we decided to cut the trip a few days short and head back home, to dry things off.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate better for us next year.