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Fun in the New Mexico sun

Inside New Mexico

Here are some sets of pictures from one of my trips to the area back in July of 1992.  The other guys you'll see in the pictures are from the first Philmont Trail Crew of the summer of '92.

Click Here for Set One - Shuree Ponds

Click Here for Set Two - Beatty Lakes

Click Here for Set Three - Little Costilla


These next two pages contain pictures from the July 2000 trip. 

Click here for the pictures from the Valle Vidal.  Most are from the top of Little Costilla, and a few are of a bear we spotted on the way out.  You'll have to squint to see him!

Click here for the pictures from Colorado.  We drove back to Denver, and on the way took a side trip to Pikes Peak.  The next day me and Joe took a trip to Mount Evans, outside of Denver.