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New House!  You never realize how expensive they are until you get one!
New House


I finally have joined the ranks of property owners.  While back in Texas for Christmas 2003, my aunt and uncle told me about a house for sale in their neighborhood outside of Austin.  I drove down to take a look, and liked it! I put in an offer, which after a bit of negotiating, was accepted.  I received the final contracts in London, which I took to the embassy to get notarized, and the place closed on Feb. 4th, 2004.  I made a trip back in March 2004 to get the keys and such, and see what needed to be done before I move in.  As you can see from the pics, I will have a lot of space to work with!

An incredible part of the development is called The Ranchers Club.  There is a 7000 square foot clubhouse, with gourmet kitchens, a gym, pool tables, TVs, etc.  Also available is a three level swimming pool with waterfalls, camping areas, BBQs, driving range, volleyball, tennis, horseshoes, washers, and playhouses for kids. 

My kitchen

A view of the cabinets

The dining room

The living room

Another Living Room view


Fireplace and TV nook

Fireplace and Breakfast nook

Window in bathroom

Tilework in bathtub

Bathroom off of the master suite

Windows in master suite

Panoramic view from Breakfast nook

Panoramic view of bathroom in the master suite

Panoramic view of Living room

again, from a different angle

Dining room

View from the back porch

View of my office

View of one of the smaller bathrooms

another view of the great room

Another view off of the back porch

The garage

View off of the front porch

View of the house from the street

View of the house outside the driveway entrance

A view of the house from the back of the property

The Ranchers Club

Putting green at the Ranchers Club

A washers pit. A true slice of Texana

And, of course, horseshoes

The outdoor fireplace at the Ranchers Club

The top part of the pool

The middle section of the pool

Another view of the pool area

The lower section of the pool

The walkway to the other section of the Ranchers Club

A BBQ area

The path to Flat Creek swimming area

The swimming area at Flat Creek

More views of Flat Creek

Another of Flat Creek

The tennis court

Sand Volleyball pit

And, the driving range