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Lots of travel starts to wear on you, but the perks from the frequent traveler programs help to take the rough edges off!

Inside Europe

This was an interesting trip.  I took off from San Fran at noon on the 3rd, landed in London at 6am on the 4th, was in meetings until 2pm, then caught a 5pm flight from London to Munich.  I checked into my hotel at 8pm on the 4th, caught a bit to eat, and finally fell asleep at 11pm, after being up for 36 hours straight!  I was amazed that I was able to stay awake and coherent.  Not a good way to start a 3 week overseas trip.  I was fighting jet lag for the next 10 days.  But the hotel room I had in Munich helped alleviate some of the symptoms.  Since I've been pretty much living in hotels, I've attained Platinum status with Starwood Hotels (Sheraton, Westin, and Luxury Collection hotels).  This means I get upgraded to the best room available at check-in.

I was then back in the Milano office.  I was hoping to get tickets to the Formula One race at Monza, 15 miles from Milan, but these tickets are very hard to get.  To I rented a car and went driving.  On Saturday the 14th, I went to the Mont Blanc region, which is a couple of hours from Milan.  I stopped in Chamonix, France, which was the site of the first Winter Olympics.  The following pictures are from the town, and the cable car which goes close to, but not the top of Mont Blanc, the highest point in Europe. The next day I took off for Venice and snapped some photos there.