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Wow, I actually was able to visit the French Riviera!
Inside Europe

This trip was to the French Riviera, to conduct another training class for Compaq engineers.  They have a very impressive training facility in Sofia-Antipolis, which is about halfway between Cannes and Nice, off of the A6.  My hotel was in Cannes, only a block from the beach, and a block from the place where they have the Cannes film festival.

I had all day on Saturday to drive along the French Riviera, from Cannes, to Antibes, to Nice, to Monaco, and on into Italy.  While I was in the casino in Monte Carlo, trying to win some of Prince Ranier's money (I ended up winning 500 Euro!), I saw the singer Shakira playing Baccarat! 

A view from my hotel balcony in Cannes

Another view from the room

More from the balcony

Another view

Back up into the hills of Cannes

In front of the Cannes Film Festival, they put the handprints from actors into the sidewalk, like in Hollywood.

More handprints

There can be only one

More prints

The building where the film festival is held

It's like, you know, cool man

More prints

He had huge hands!

A look down the beach in Cannes

Looking back the other way down the beach

The beach at night

On the way to Monaco

More of the Cote d'Azur

A town on the beach

Princess Grace memorial

The famous Casino in Monte Carlo

A view in Monte Carlo

Another shot of the Casino

A view of the beachfront in Monaco

A shot of the back of the Casino