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The Alps are beautiful, but damn cold!

Inside Europe

Since our EMEA operations had now grown from 2 in the beginning, to now 10 people in three cities, it was time for everyone to meet.  We went to a place in the Italian Alps called La Thuille for some team building exercises.  We all had a blast in the mountains, getting to know each other better, and enjoying the food, drink (this the most), and scenery.

Scotsman Dave eagerly anticipating the start of festivities

More people waiting for the start

Heading out for dinner

After dinner festivities begin!

Fun at the bar

Passing the "grola" around

Don't they look like they are having fun!

More from the bar

I forgot that I can't play guitar

Germans are boring

Wait, where's the booze?

Still having fun

Bottoms up!

Getting ready for the snowshoe walk

Nice day for a walk in the woods

The little town where we started

A frozen river

More of the river

Stopping for a break

Snow covered scenery

At the top

I made it!!!!

Nice view from the cabin

Our guide built this cabin himself

A meadow near the cabin

A stream below the cabin

Does this group ever stop drinking?

A partially frozen waterfall

More of the waterfall

People stopping for a view

Our hotel back in La Thuille

Views from the parking lot

Back down the valley

A mountain behind the hotel

Back down into the village of La Thuille, ruined by Rossella