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Amsterdam.  The scene and dialog between Jules and Vincent in Pulp Fiction is pretty damn accurate.

Inside Europe

This was my first trip to the legendary city of Amsterdam.  Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to visit the sights of the city.  We had a busy schedule with the conference, but we were able to catch a canal tour on the last day.  Everything you've heard about Amsterdam is true.  Pretty much anything goes, but the town is remarkably laid back, and there was never a time I didn't feel safe. 

Our booth at ENSA@WORK

More of the booth

Metilinx in action

Ain't she cute???

Now she's just posing

More action at the booth

We had a prime location

Last shot of the booth, I promise

Having fun on a night out

Don't ask

Ever seen drunk Italians? No? Well you have now.

Getting ready for the canal tour

Views along the way

A cool boat

More of the ship/museum

More of the ship

What is a Sheepvart, and why does it have a museum?

A cool greenhouse. Probably for weed.

Some of the houses

Looking out the front of the barge

A cool bridge in town

Some more of the canals

A busy canal

Some of the houseboats in Amsterdam

Nice part of town

Some more of the city

Neat building

Interesting statue at the top

More of the architecture