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ASE Certification.  This week made all the hard work worth it!

Inside ASE 1998 San Diego

Day Three: Tuesday August 18, 1998

YES!!!  We all did survive Monday night's festivities.  We were moving a bit slowly all day, but it wasn't too bad.  We awoke, shook the cobwebs out and went down to catch breakfast.  From the attendance, it looks like a lot of people weren't as lucky in the morning as we were.

Our first activity in the morning was to return to the Living Lab.  There we were able to take apart one of the new Proliant 1850R servers.  It is an incredible machine.  I have a feeling that we are going to be seeing a lot of these installed in the near future.  Wish I could put some pictures up of it, but you know the story on that.  We next were shown the new Compaq racks.  They have two new versions,   14U and 36U sizes.  About this time we were approached by a camera crew to be interviewed for a Compaq ASE recruiting video.  Ed and Henry declined, but I of course couldn't pass up an opportunity like that.  So look for me in a video soon!  

Our next activity was a presentation on emerging server technologies.  Most of it centered on the Xeon processor, but they also went over the new IO buses for servers,   memory implementations, and Fiber Channel advances.  It was a very good presentation that showed where the Proliant line is heading and what features will be out very shortly.

Then it was time for lunch.  Nothing too fancy today, just box lunches.  But after the night people had before, maybe that was all most folks could handle.

The afternoon session centered on the new versions of the Proliant 3000 and 5500.   There were only 7 of us there, so we got a very detailed presentation.  The new versions of these servers will be a great advancement over the current servers.   As interesting as the presentation was,  I couldn't keep my eyes away from the other setup that was in the room.  They had an Alpha Server running NT 5 and SQL 7.   The machine had two 625Mhz Alpha Chips and 8 gig of RAM.  On the server, they had a 6 gig US Census database caced in RAM.  That blew me away.  No problem running queries on that machine!

The rest of the afternoon Compaq had set aside to show the attraction of San Diego.   Activities offered were VIP tours of the San Diego zoo, tee times at various golf courses, mountain biking, shopping tours, or tours of the Navy Shipyard.  We chose the Navy tour, hoping to get to tour an aircraft carrier.  We didn't get to see one though.  They took us on board the USS Cleveland,  which was made to be an amphibious assault support ship.  It had a flight deck that could hold 4 heliocopters and a huge cargo bay below that holds hovercraft for beach landings.  It was an impressive setup.  After the Navy tour, there was a bonus trip to Old Town San Diego.   It was where the first settlement was.  They have preserved and restored one of the original houses and there are many time period related exhibits.

The evening was one of relaxation.  No Compaq parties.  We went to shoot some hoops and took a sauna and jumped into the pool.  It was another great day.   Thanks again to Compaq.