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ASE Certification.  This week made all the hard work worth it!

Inside ASE 1998 San Diego

Day One:  Sunday August 16th

The day has finally come.  At 12:20pm, Henry Bennett and myself, Greg Gowins, boarded our United Airlines flight from San Francisco to San Diego.  A very routine flight, about an hour.  We waited outside the terminal building for transportation to our hotel, the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina.  While we were waiting, we were met by our partner. in crime, Ed Hon. Ed had to fly Southwest, that's the reason we didn't travel together.  The Three Amigos from Inacom San Jose were once again reunited.  

Upon arriving to the Marriott, we were ushered through the conference check-in procedure, which went very smoothly.  We were given more Compaq freebies then I'd ever seen in my life and sent to check in to the hotel.  We were able to con the desk clerks into putting us all on the same floor.  We hopped on the elevator and climbed to the sixteenth floor.  All of our rooms are on the side facing the ocean.   Check the pictures down below for an example of the view we have.  We all are impressed with out accomodations.  Way to go Compaq!

After getting settled, we went on a quick trip of the facilities.  Every amenity you can think of is here.  We cruised along the bayfront for about an hour then decided to check out the athletic facilites that were at our disposal.  We decided to play a few games of basketball.  Good thing the courts were shielded from innocent passerbys as we put on an exhibition to show why there aren't that many white or Chinese guys in the NBA!!!  It was still a lot of fun to shoot some hoops in the Southern California sun.

At 7pm the first official event started.  At a park across the harbor from the Marriott, Compaq and Microsoft hosted a "Cruisin' the Coast of California Party".  They had theme areas set up to show the different regions of California.  For each region there was differing food.  There was also a pretty good 60's cover band cranking out the tunes at one end of the party.  There was free food and drink for all of the attendees, and a good time was had by all.

It's late tonight, I had a hard time getting the laptop to behave correctly, but this is the first posting to report.  Hope you have enjoyed this, and stay tuned for future days. Without any further ado, here are the pictures.  They are kinda large, so they make take some time over slow links.  Didn't bring any photo editing software, so these came straight off of the camera.