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Why did you visit this page?  It can't be that you even have an inkling of interest in me, is it?

About Me

Why the website?

Mainly the original idea for the website was to have a place to post photos.  Also to create a kind of repository for Cornholio images and sounds.  I'm a little surprised that even today, I still get 2000 hits a week to the Cornholio section of the site. It goes to show the lasting popularity of Mike Judge's demented cartoon personas.

Just who am I?

I'm a computer consultant, or at least I have been since 1997.  Before that I got paid to go camping during the summer, with the Boy Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM.  After I got kicked out of the University of Texas at Austin, I tried my hand in the airline business, helping to start Dallas Express Airlines.  After it shutdown the first time, I stayed with three others to try and restart the airline after running out of money.  We did, but eventually the airline had to shut its doors for good.

I then started the computer phase of my career.   I went to work as a LAN admin for a student loan debt collection company in Dallas called Unger and Associates.  I worked there for a couple of years before moving to the Bay Area.  I figured if I can make it in Silicon Valley, then I can make it anywhere!  I arrived in '97, just before the start of the dotcom boom.  And I rode the wave, along with everyone else.  I did quite well, but never managed to find one of the IPOs that created overnight millionaires.  But I also got caught in the dotgone boom, and the company I was with, NewChannel, had a mass layoff right after the tragic events of Sept. 11th.   I was out of work for almost six months before getting on with my new company, MetiLinx.

So, after joining, I was told I would be stationed in Italy to help start the EMEA operations of MetiLinx.  I've been doing massive amounts of travel since April 2002.  I'm usually flying Transatlantic at least one time per month!  But I am enjoying the chance to spend lots of time in other parts of the world, and be exposed in depth to how life and work is in other countries.  It's definitely been a learning experience!

After the MetiLinx experience, I settled down back in Texas, in the Hill Country outside of Austin.  I'm currently working for a small tech startup, run by my former boss at MetiLinx.  I'm still traveling a lot, but instead of to Europe, it is mainly in Texas.

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