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Congrats!  You've managed to find my home page!
Welcome to my little service exit off of the Information Superhighway!

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You have wandered dangerously into the realm of one Greg Gowins! I've staked my claim to this little spot of cyberspace since late 1997.  It's become an eclectic mix of different things I've done.  I hope you like the new format I have introduced!

UPDATE (August 2011):

Mike Judge is interviewed on the upcoming new episodes:


UPDATE (July 2011):

The new shows are coming in October!  And one of the first episodes will be Cornholio related!  Here's a preview:




What you will find
The site is broken into several sections.  Click on the links on the left to be taken to the section you are interested in:

bulletCornholio sounds and pictures
bulletEuropean trips and diary
bulletFind out about the Whitewater Rafting Kamakazies
bulletLearn about the quasi-annual New Mexico camping trips. 
bulletSee what happens when you get techies drunk at conferences


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