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Inside Europe
First Trip | Riviera | Milan | July 2002 | July/August 2002 | September 2002 | La Thuille | Amsterdam | My Apartment | Mom and Dad | Spiazzi | London | Stonehenge | Heidelberg

July 2002

This was the first trip with my new Kodak DX4900 camera.  I am VERY happy with the quality of these pictures.  They are definitely better quality than the DC215.

Most of this trip was spent in Milan.  There were a couple of day trips for meetings in Rome, and a day trip for a test installation in Bari.  The final two days were spent in Lisbon, where I finally got a little time (a couple of hours) to walk around and snap some photos.

They are starting to put scaffolding up to do restoration work

This is a view from the roof of the Duomo

Another shot of the Madonnina at the top of the Duomo

A shot of the Piazza Duomo

A view inside of the Galleria

A statue of Leonardo da Vinci and four of his helpers

The famous La Scala opera house in Milan

Riveting work in Lisbon. See, even European office look the same

A sight while strolling in Lisbon

A traffic circle in Lisbon

A castle in the city

Another shot of the castle

A road side fountain

A view from my hotel

Another shot from the window

Another shot

A park in the center of Lisbon

More views while walking

The park at night

The main plaza near the ports

Another view of the plaza

The main river from Lisbon out to the sea

Note the Golden Gate bridge of Portugal

A statue in the center of town

Another statue

A view down a market street

A theater in Lisbon

The traffic circle at night

Another tower in another plaza




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