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Welcome to Europe!  This was my first exposure to jetlag!
Inside Europe
First Trip | Riviera | Milan | July 2002 | July/August 2002 | September 2002 | La Thuille | Amsterdam | My Apartment | Mom and Dad | Spiazzi | London | Stonehenge | Heidelberg

First Trip

Here are some photos from my initial trip to Europe.  I started off going to Manchester, UK, to conduct some training for Compaq.  We then went to Lisbon, Portugal to attend the Compaq ENSA@WORK conference.  Afterwards, we traveled to Milano, which was my first trip to the city where I was going to be stationed.

Strange sign in Liverpool

A boat on the Mersey

A small canal in Liverpool

The Beatles museum

A statue of one of the English kings, Edward VII

The Yellow Submarine!

Our booth in Lisbon

Our illustrious demo server

Another shot of the booth

The conference hall

The top of the booth

Another shot of the hall

My accomodations in Milan

Not bad, eh?

My horrible sleeping chamber

The hallway in the room

What's that thing on the right?

Real Italian marble

Two sinks, one guy


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